Nannies with their own Child

Nanny's with their own child are often over-looked as possible candidates for a nanny position, but an employer may potentially be rejecting the cv of the strongest candidate.

Have you ever considered employing a nanny with their ‘own child’? There is a wealth of experience in these professional nannies, but many of them are over-looked, simply because they have a child of their own.

Many parents are reluctant to employ a nanny with their ‘own child’, fearing that the nanny will concentrate on their own off-spring in preference to their charge. This though is not the case. Having spoken to many nannies with their ‘own child’ over the vast number of years I have been involved in this industry, it is clear that the boot is clearly on the other foot and that invariable, the day runs according to the needs of their charge, rather than their ‘own child’. Obviously, the nannies aim to get the children into a similar routine, much as you would with two or more children from the same family, but it is normally the ‘own child’ whose routine is adjusted to fit in with that of the employing family.

Others, worry that there will be more wear and tear on their homes but equally, this is unlikely to happen. Children being looked after by nannies are normally well disciplined, so the home is probably more protected. Nannies know that the behaviour of their ‘own child’ could reflect on their employment, so they are unlikely not to respect their working environment.

Others, worry that if the nannies ‘own child’ is sick they will be let down, but again, the reliability of turning up to work is an essential part of a nanny’s job, so the nanny will make sure she has a contingency plan in place to cover the sickness of her ‘own child’.

Shares of this nature normally take place until the ‘own child’ starts attending nursery or school. This is mainly because it is not possible for the nanny to be collecting two children from different schools in different areas and it is unlikely that the nanny will live in the same catchment area as the child or children they are looking after.

Once you have weighed up what many could conceive as disadvantages, then it is time to consider the positives and real advantages of employing a nanny with their ‘own child’. Invariably the nanny with their ‘own child’ is slightly more mature and will have aquired a wealth of experience before taking a break to have her own baby. There is an instant companion and playmate for the nanny’s charge, as it is important to try and employ a nanny with a similar aged child to that of your own. Of course, one of the main benefits is cost. The Employer will be paying a rate similar to that of a share .

In employing a nanny with her ‘own child’, an employer will taking on a nanny at a more affordable level, a nanny who is likely to have excellent experience and a share where there will be a great deal of respect for the working environment.

Over my 22 years of employing nannies if have had three extremely successful periods with nannies who brought their own child to work.

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